PlugInGuru – Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2

Presets | 553 MB

Northern Impakt V1 is a truly inspiring sound design+ Hybrid Cinematic / Ambient / Sounddtrack / Chill library! We took found samples that we recorded (streams, ice, my dog Athena talking and more!) and then processed those samples to create truly unique sounds which were then used to make almost 300 new Patches! 14 Programmers from around the world worked to create a pool of patches that will give your musical productions a massive bump.

Weighing in at 550+ Patches, 40+ Multis & 349 amazing Soundsources (over 950MB!), Northern Impakt V1 is a huge wealth of inspiring sounds for music productions – especially Cinematic/Soundtrack/Ambient – but many sounds are ready to go for other genres of music. Programmed by 14 patch designers from around the world, this is a heavyweight library with Pads, Textures, SFX, Drums, Basses and TONS of BPM patches in numerous categories.

Please watch the Patch Walkthru AND the 3-demo song Xploration videos to hear and see these sounds in action!

Produced by Jason Schoepfer (Northern Lights) and John Lehmkuhl, this library is based on found sound recordings like streams, cars driving by in the rain, opening and closing drawers, crackling wrapping paper, hitting 2 inches of ice off car windows, Athena “The Wonder Dog” barking, growling & crying for her rope toy – but ALL of them are processed to be MORE than just “sound effects”. Using special tools, processing techniques and convolution reverb, we created exciting and inspiring original SAMPLES which were then handed off to the programming team to create the ultimate mind-blowing patch collection. This library sounds fresh and like nothing you’ve ever heard before! So much is jam-packed into this library that seeing/hearing is the only way to get a sense of the scope.

AS A BONUS: I added 15 DRY unprocessed samples that were used to help create this library at the very end of the patch list! Athena growling, wrapping paper crinkles and lots of Ice hits are included – raw and ready for you to explore with the class-leading processing power of Omnisphere 2.

964 Patches / Multis / Samples for Omnisphere 2.1+
Looping Textures – 58
Bonus RAW zzSFX – 15
BPM – 18
KEY – 2
PAD – 1
SFX – 2
STR – 3
TEX – 11
Soundsources – 349

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Cymatics “Shooter” Dubstep Project File ALS LOGiC FLP

ALS LOGiC FLP | 841.56 MB

If you’ve ever struggled with weak growls and muddy mixes, then you’re not alone!

These can be some of the hardest production elements to master, because they rely on a solid knowledge in Sound Design and Mixing.

That’s exactly why we created the “Shooter” Project File.

Jam packed into this project file are Bass and Synth patches that are not only innovative and complex, but arranged precisely around the hard hitting Drums.

To create this project file, our professional team of producers used advanced level synthesis techniques in Xfer Serum.

So, by studying these patches and reverse engineering them, you’ll be able to unlock the secrets to advanced Sound Design that has taken top Dubstep producers YEARS to learn.

On top of that, by studying the mixdown, you’ll be able to see FIRSTHAND how to professionally mix your Drums and Synths to make every element in the mix punch through the speaker.

No matter what you need help with, you’re sure to find something new to learn and apply into your own tracks every time you open up the project file!

If you’re serious about getting to the professional level of Dubstep production, you need to download the Shooter Project File now.

* Requires Serum v1.21b3

Included in this pack:
“Shooter” Ableton Project File
“Shooter” FL Studio Project File
“Shooter” Logic Project File


Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FLP
File Size (Zipped): 841.6 MB
File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton, Logic, FL Studio)

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Triple Spiral Audio Zodiac For iZOTOPE iRiS 2 DISCOVER

DISCOVER | March/03Th/2018 | 1.61GB

Zodiac is a brand new soundset for the synth Iris 2 from Izotope. It has a ambient, lush and cinematic feeling with sometimes a slightly dark twist and is crafted to be used in film, game, trailer and music library productions.

The soundset has 70 patches, crafted from original content and you will receive a total of 2.2GB of content with this soundset.

The Sounds Are Divided Into:
• 10 x (ARP) Sounds
• 10 x (Ambiences) Sounds
• 10 x (Soundscapes) Sounds
• 10 x (Pads) Sounds
• 10 x (Transitions) Sounds – (5 x Risers And 5 x Downers)
• 05 x (Bass Loops) Sounds
• 05 x (Basses) Sounds
• 05 x (Keys) Sounds
• 05 x (Percussion) Sounds

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Triple Spiral Audio Pagan IV for Iris 2 DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 07 Mar 2018 | REPACK: 713.8MB | REPACK Only: 2.8MB

Pagan IV for Iris 2 is the next installment in the Pagan series with a focus on the mystique and mysterious side of sound design and with a bit more analog feeling. The soundset is aimed for composers and producers working on productions for film, games, tv and trailers.

The soundset contains 75 patches which are divided into ARP’s, Basses, Leads, Pads, Percussion and soundscapes. All the patches have the 8 macro controls assigned and the modwheel is most of the time assigned to the cutoff filter.

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Bigwerks Morpheus KONTAKT

Bigwerks Morpheus KONTAKT | 5.71 Gb

The Morpheus is a kontakt library designed for all genre of music, game & film composers. With dark & ambient sounds, cinematic guitars, deep unique bass samples, vocals, and much, much more.

– Over 350 Presets
– Custom GUI
– Plenty of Fx to manipulate sounds
– Arpeggiation, and two fx Pages
– 9 GB of content, uncompressed
– 20 custom impulse responses

Is the Morpheus worth it?

Bigwerks and Xclusive-Audio spent 8 months creating and perfecting these sounds dynamically and sonically. With over 350 dark and cinematic sounds and also adding unique vocal runs, the Morpheus is a stand out kontakt library.

About the sounds

– Guitars were recorded using Neumann microphones and/or recorded directly into the studio computers.
– Strings, brass and choir samples were recorded by 3rd party company (BigWerks, Xclusive-audio also) and edited, programmed into kontakt by Bigwerks.
– Pianos recorded/designed my Bigwerks (Xclusive-audio also)
– Vocal recordings by Laquan Green.
– All synth designs were created with hardware and virtual synthesizers.
– Special thanks to Xclusice-audio who designed the gui and 100 of the 350+ sounds.

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English | Size: 548 MB
Category: Tutorial
In this lecture, Tim breaks down the process of rendering passes out of 3ds Max and demonstrates how to composite them together in Digital Fusion. Learn how to generate many different types of passes and how they are used in production. Identify and correct commonly occurring issues, from incorrect matte edges to bit depth and color correction. Acquire an understanding of what happens under the hood inside your 3D software and how to mimic that behavior while compositing to produce the highest quality renders. Tim demonstrates his techniques using Scanline, V-Ray and Brazil.

Coste & Ménardière – Quest For Meaning (2015)

Coste & Ménardière – Quest For Meaning (2015)
English | Size: 394.37 MB
Category: Tutorial
A Quest for Meaning tells the story of an impromptu road-trip undertaken by two childhood friends looking to understand the causes of the world’s crises and to find a way to bring about change. Neither fiction nor non-fiction, neither fully objective nor overly sentimental, this film is above all a road-movie revealing the profound aspirations of a whole generation, in search of wisdom and common sense. Through the words of activists, biologists, philosophers, or guardians of ancestral traditions, Marc de la Ménardière and Nathanael Coste invite us along on their questioning of the world, and present us with alternatives that are already building the world of tomorrow. An inspiring, life-changing journey that renews our confidence in our capacity to bring about change, within ourselves and within society.

ITU Learning (IT University) – Microsoft 70 741 – Networking with Windows Server 2016 Training

ITU Learning (IT University) – Microsoft 70-741 – Networking with Windows Server 2016 Training
English | Size: 5.2 GB
Category: E-learning | Microsoft | Networking | Security | Storage | Wireless | others
Title is self explanatory. This is solid training for the Microsoft 70-741 exam, with a great trainer in Patrick Loner. (I believe he used to be a past trainer for K-Alliance, if you remember those guys)


Java From Scratch

Java From Scratch MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 4.5 Hours | Lec: 34 | 616 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Study Java in a way you understand and have fun in the process

This course will guide you from the absolute beginning from getting your computer ready for Java programming, to creating your own programs and thinking like a programmer.

Most importantly the course was created with a strong emphasis on giving good solid foundations, I believe that by understanding the logic, students will acquire the right tools from the start, and that will also allow them to further enrich their knowledge.

For students entering the world of programming, or for anyone who would find an extra detailed easy going phase helpful.

Among the studies material: Variables,arithmetic operations,string manipulations,arrays,two dimensional arrays,object,data structures,if statements,loops,nested objects,inheritance, polymorphism and more.

I am also offering an online Java tutoring, for more details, please feel free to contact me.

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