Refrigerated Capri 0.5

Refrigerated Capri 0.5max | fbx | 3D Models | 86 MB Vray / Corona materials included Refrigerator Capri 0,5 SK 595h710h2030 mm Refrigerator Capri 0,5 UM 595h710h2030 mm Bottle Nestea 5500 poly Vray Bottle Bonaqua 4000 poly Vray Refrigerated Refrigerated 0,5SK Capri Capri 0,5UM capri, fridge, refrigerator, bottle, nestea, bonaqua Download Rapidgator

Ventilation (vray GGX, corona PBR)

Ventilation (vray GGX, corona PBR)max | obj | 3D Models | 597 MB Ventilation (element 102) is made for corona render 1.5 and vray 3.2. Suitable for visualization Industrial facilities, supermarkets, gyms, the interiors in the style of “industrial” and so on. N. Easy snap on the pivot or support facilities. Auxiliary objects are on […]

Ventilation system

Ventilation systemmax | fbx | 3D Models | 135 MB Ventilation ducts, dimensions: circular section -d150mm, d250mm, 400mm; rectangular – 100x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x350mm, 350x350mm, 350x600mm, 600x600mm. In total more than 250 items: a variety of twists and turns, adapters, diffusers. All elements can be assembled into a single chain, providing huge scope for creativity. Each […]