Digital Tutors – Getting Started in Nuke


Digital Tutors – Getting Started in Nuke
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In this series of lessons we’ll learn how to get started using The Foundry’s compositing software Nuke. Using Nuke we can composite and create visual effects using a node-based pipeline which allows us to keep our composition flexible and editable at any point. We’ll begin this project by learning the basics of reading-in external images and learning the various parts of the Nuke user interface. Then we’ll do some basic compositing, masking, transforming and color correction. We’ll finish with a project to composite a 3D render and create an animated transition and finally render it into an image sequence. This series of lessons will cover the basic, everyday tools and techniques we use in Nuke to composite. With this basic overview of Nuke’s workflows and tools, you will be able to begin using this powerful compositing software in your own production pipeline

Lesson Outline (10 lessons) 1. Introduction and Project Overview 2. Visual Guide to Node-based Compositing 3. User Interface Basics and Reading Images into Nuke 4. Using the Merge node to composite two nodes together 5. Using the RotoPaint node to mask the effect of a node 6. Using the RotoPaint node to clean up footage errors 7. Using the Transform node to move nodes in Nuke 8. Basic Color Correction using the ColorCorrect node 9. Using Merge Operations to composite a 3D Render 10. Rendering images out of Nuke


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