Digital Tutors – Rendering RealFlow Meshes in Maya


Digital Tutors – Rendering RealFlow Meshes in Maya
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In this series of lessons, we will guide you through the process of using mental ray to realistically render RealFlow geometry within Maya. We will begin this process by learning how to import your mesh sequences from RealFlow into Maya and placing primary illumination sources. From there we will use the mental ray Architectural Materials to create realistic, refractive liquid, and discuss some very important settings to be aware of when using these shaders. Finally, we will create refractive caustic patterns that can add a high level of realism to the final render. Getting the proper look for your final renders will require a lot of troubleshooting and adjustments of many different attributes. Through these lessons, we will address many of these common problems that you will run into and how they can be resolved, allowing you to achieve the desired result in a much sorter amount of time.

Lessons: 1. Introduction and Project Overview 2. Importing RealFlow meshes into Maya 3. Creating liquid material for RealFlow geometry 4. Refining refractive liquid material for RealFlow geometry 5. Creating materials with highly blurred reflections 6. Adding indirect illumination and shadow shaders 7. Adding caustics to RealFlow geometry render 8. Adding refinements to caustics and shadowing effects

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