Gnomon Global IlluminationInteriors V Ray Lighting Techniques


Gnomon Global Illumination:Interiors V-Ray Lighting Techniques
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Continuing from his first DVD, Global Illumination: Exteriors, Christopher Nichols explains how interior global illumination differs from exterior GI. Christopher focuses on the concept of digital sets and explores issues of interior lighting for GI, including the variety of light sources that can be used, as well as how space plays an important role in lighting. Christopher demonstrates the differences between regular light sources, environment light, IES lighting, area lights, and even how geometry and shaders can affect the lighting of a scene. Additionally, since bouncing light plays an important role in interior GI, this lecture looks at some special techniques such as using V-Ray�s photon mapping and light cache. Christopher also explores the idea of baking lighting into textures, which is a useful technique for some situations. With Global Illumination: Interiors, you will see the rendering of an interior space in a whole new light.

Over 3 hours of lecture.

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Principles of Global Illumination
Specular and Diffuse Reflection
Comparison of Different Techniques
Sky Lights

Image Based Lighting
Using HDRIs
Animation Issues in GI
Baking Lighting Animation

01: Key Elements from the Exteriors DVD
02: Interior Versus Exterior GI
03: Lighting Interiors with Exterior Light
04: Other Interior Light Sources
05: Lots of Secondary Bounces
06: Baking Lighting into Textures
07: Lighting Scenario 1
08: Lighting Scenario 2


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