INE – Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Technology Course


INE – Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Technology Course
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Category: Security | Wireless
Module 1 – WLAN Security Basics: This module discusses the need for Wi-Fi security and provides the background of decision and standards making bodies. It also discusses 802.11 in the Enterprise. Module 2 – Wifi Attack Vectors: This module discusses typical modes of attack on Wi-fi implementations. It also underlines the fact that different attack methods expose the vulnerability of the Wi-Fi network. Module 3 – 802.11 Security Design Considerations: This module describes the need for performing a risk assessment as well as establishing a security policy.

It also discusses management and monitoring of the enterprise Wi-fi network. Module 4 – 802.11 Authentication: This module details the different 802.11 authentication methods used from password based to enterprise based. It provides details on the complexities of more stringent authentication methods.

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