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In Photoshop CS5 New Features, author Jan Kabili introduces new features and productivity enhancements that include reshaping images

with Puppet Warp, turning photographs into paintings, and Content-Aware Fill options. The course examines CS5 enhancements to existing

features include significant improvements to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo processing, selection and mask edge refinement, and lens-

related photo corrections. A brief overview of companion applications, Adobe Bridge CS5 and Adobe Camera Raw 6, is included. Exercise

files are included with the course.

Topics include:

* Performing Content-Aware Fill and spot healing
* Painting realistic brush strokes with bristle brush tips
* Blending paint with canvas colors with the Mixer Brush tool
* Selecting hair and other soft edges with fine detail or edges with sharp contrast
* Extruding 2D objects in 3D space
* Creating surrealistic and photorealistic HDR images in Merge to HDR Pro
* Simulating HDR imaging in a single photo with the HDR Toning adjustment
* Working with Mini Bridge


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