Microsoft Infrastructure as Code – Learn Infrastructure as Code


Microsoft Infrastructure as Code – Learn Infrastructure as Code
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Windows Azure is a flexible and open source cloud platform that enables developers to quickly create, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of Microsoft managed data centers. Windows Azure has the capability to applications by language, different tools and frameworks create and developers of Mac integrate your applications in the IT environment of the public. This Windows (Windows Azure) is a Microsoft cloud computing platform.
During the training, the Microsoft Infrastructure as Code with Microsoft Azure and teach you manually set the server to allow more stable, more reliable and easier scalability them, you know.
Heading periodic training of Microsoft Infrastructure as
Module 1: Timber Azure
Module 2: Set the desired configuration (DSC)
Module 3: Format ARM
Module 4: Azure IaaS and PaaS, configure the environment, and deployment and optimization
Module 5: final test


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