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Packt Learning MongoDB Deployments-XQZT
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MongoDB makes it possible to store and process large sets of data in ways that increase business value. The flexibility of unstructured, schema-less, storage, combined with robust querying and post-processing functionality, make MongoDB a compelling solution for enterprise big data needs.

This course addresses, in-depth, the installation and configuration of various MongoDB deployments (dev, test, prod, demo). Using a best-practice approach, this course familiarizes the user with installation requirements and options while delving into an infrequently-covered topic: MongoDB configuration.

Taking this course will help you master all the techniques for deploying MongoDB across various platforms and environments. You will learn some of the best production practices such as creating a test, dev and prod cluster. Lastly you will learn how to effectively secure your clusters in production.

Style and Approach
An instructional video that distills years of experience with MongoDB down to best-practices for immediately and successfully deploying working MongoDB configurations for all (development, test, demo, production) environments.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

How to install and configure MongoDB in Linux, Windows, and Cloud environments.
Immerse yourself in MongoDB configuration options.
Manage User and Admin accounts
Secure your database connections with TLS
Secure your dataatrest
Establish and maintain diverse deployment environments
Advanced deployment strategies.


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