Packt Publishing – DevOps Fundamentals with Azure


Packt Publishing – DevOps Fundamentals with Azure
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DevOps is becoming a reality in the IT workplace. Being able to master and manage the basic tools for DevOps is the first step towards success. This video course shows you how to adopt a DevOps way of working, with Azure.

You might have come across slow development cycles due to traditional infrastructure management processes. DevOps, reduces the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production.

This course will show you how to speed up the release cycle of your IT systems. With a set of automation tools, an orchestration platform, and a few processes, you will do more with fewer resources and become more engaged in the business process. Exploring Azure, you’ll learn various solution architectures with continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline that push your changes automatically to cloud, allowing you to deliver value faster to your customers.

Style and Approach

This video takes a step-by-step practical approach to the implementation of DevOps.It will teach you how to enable IT organizations to deliver faster and smarter.

What You Will Learn

Learn to align resources to maximize the delivery potential
Manage resources (VMs, networks, disks) on the cloud with Azure
Understand how containerization technologies work
Execute tests across your applications with continuous integration
Use Ansible to manage the configuration of remote servers in order to facilitate the maintenance of a large number of servers

David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez is an enthusiastic engineer and author of a book called Developing Microservices with Node.js (microservices don’t work without platform automation).He is a Google Developer Expert (a nomination from Google to certain experts in several areas) in Kubernetes (GKE), who enjoys being pushed out of his comfort zone in order to sharpen his skills. Java, Node.js, Python, and DevOps-as well as a holistic approach to security-are part of the skill set that has helped him deliver value across different start-ups and corporations. Nowadays, he is a consultant at nearForm, enabling companies to deliver the best possible solution to their IT problems or proposals, as well as an avid speaker at conferences such as Rebel Con and Google I/O Extended, among others.


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