Packt Publishing – Puppet 5 From Beginner to Pro


Packt Publishing – Puppet 5 From Beginner to Pro
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Video Description
Puppet 5 – From Beginner to Pro gets you up-and-running with the very latest features of Puppet 5, including Docker containers, Hiera data, and Amazon AWS cloud orchestration. Go from beginner to confident Puppet user with a series of clear, practical examples to help you manage every aspect of your server setup. This course teaches you how to install packages and config files, create users, set up scheduled jobs, provision cloud instances, build containers, and so much more.

Every example in this course deals with something practical that you’re likely to need in your work, and you’ll see the complete Puppet code that makes it happen, along with step-by-step instructions on what to type and what output you’ll see.

Style and Approach
This tutorial is packed with quick step-by-step instructions that are immediately applicable to beginners. This easy guide explains, simply and clearly, all you need to know to use this essential IT power tool while applying these solutions to real-world scenarios.

Table of Contents
-The Course Overview
-Why Hiera?
-Adding Hiera Data to Your Puppet repo
-Types of Hiera Data
-Interpolation in Hiera Data
-The Hierarchy
-Creating Resources with Hiera Data
-Managing Secret Data
-Using Puppet Forge Modules
-Using Modules in Your Manifests
-Exploring the Standard Library
-Writing Your Own Modules
-Defined Resource Types
-Managing Classes with Hiera
-Roles and Profiles
-What Are Templates?
-Using Templates in Your Manifests
-Iteration in Templates
-Understanding Containers and Deployment with Docker
-Managing Docker with Puppet
-Managing Docker Images
-Building Dynamic Containers
-Persistent Storage for Containers
-Networking and Orchestration
-Running Puppet Inside Containers
-Introducing the Cloud
-Setting Up an Amazon AWS Account
-Getting Ready to Use puppetlabs/aws
-Creating EC2 Instances with Puppet
-Managing Custom VPCs and Subnets
-Provisioning AWS Resources from Hiera Data
-Getting the Demo repo
-Adapting the repo for Your Own Use
-Bootstrapping a New Node

What You Will Learn
Use Puppet’s key-value database
Install ready-to-use modules from the Puppet Forge using the r10k tool
See the best way to organize your Puppet code using roles and profiles
Build complex configuration files with dynamic data using Puppet’s EPP template mechanism
See Puppet’s powerful new support for Docker containers
Use Puppet to provision cloud servers on Amazon AWS

John Arundel
John Arundel is a DevOps consultant, which means he helps people build world-class web operations teams and infrastructures and has fun doing it. He was formerly a senior operations engineer at global telco Verizon, designing resilient, high-performance infrastructures for major corporations such as Ford, McDonald’s, and Bank of America. He is now an independent consultant, working closely with selected clients to deliver web-scale performance and enterprise-grade resilience on a startup budget.

He likes writing books, especially about Puppet (Puppet 2.7 Cookbook and Puppet 3 Cookbook are available from Packt). He also provides training and coaching on Puppet and DevOps, which, it turns out, is far harder than simply doing the work himself.

Off the clock, he is a medal-winning, competitive rifle and pistol shooter and a decidedly uncompetitive piano player. He lives in a small cottage in Cornwall, England and believes, like Cicero, that, if you have a garden and a library, then you have everything you need.


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