Packt Publishing Your Application with React Native


Packt Publishing Your Application with React Native
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React has taken the web development world by storm, and it is only natural that its unique architecture and third-party support ecosystem should be applied to native application development. Using JavaScript, you can build a truly native application that renders native UI components and accesses native device functionality.

In this video, we start with a look at state management and how to keep your code usable by other developers, how to build for your ideal user, how to create animations that pop, and how to publish your apps to the App Store. With the core UI built, we can take off our designer hats and focus on creating code that is clean and easy to reuse.

What You Will Learn:

Set up a React Native environment on your device
Work with API calls to fetch data
Add navigation to your app
Build UX components for your React Native app
Perform animations in your applications using the animation APIs
Test your component with Jest snapshot testing
Test and deploy your application for a production-ready environment


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