PluralSight – Practical Encryption and Cryptography Using Python


PluralSight – Practical Encryption and Cryptography Using Python
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Security is vastly important in today’s world. This course teaches you how to use cryptography in practice and how to apply it in Pythonrse.

1.Course Overview1m 52s
2.Introduction to the Course2m 14s
3.Course Worklfow2m 33s
4.Cryptography for Security Professionals5m 52s
5.The Lab and Tools6m 9s
6.Summary1m 27s
7.Hashing at a Glance6m 9s
8.Message Digest3m 58s
9.Secure Hash Algorithm3m 58s
10.File Check Sum2m 37s
11.Secure Passwords12m 1s
12.HMAC in Practice3m 24s
13.Cracking Hashes Using Hashcat6m 43s
14.Cracking NTLM Hashes5m 18s
15.Summary2m 9s
16.Welcome1m 12s
17.Quick Overview Of Symmetric Encryption8m 29s
18.Creating a New Algorithm10m 21s
19.AES in Python9m 57s
20.Cracking Symmetric Encryption4m 3s
21.Summary1m 32s
23.Asymmetric Encryption4m 54s
24.RSA in Python7m 42s
25.Digital Signature in Python5m 30s
26.Summary1m 6s
28.Digital Certificates8m 7s
29.TLS in Action5m 7s
30.Practical Email Encryption4m 59s
31.Practical Email Signature2m 1s


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