Richard Bandler – Trancing in and Out


Richard Bandler – Trancing in and Out
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Each moment counts. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of the NLP, is absolutely present, ties up the awareness of others’ with stories, often witty, sometimes ambiguous and bizarre, eliciting emotions, patterns of behavior and belief systems. In between, some theoretical wxplanations, participants get intonation training and trances that are more deeply and more deeply woven . . . A wonderful feeling of relaxation is reached, expressing itself in the eyes and in the voice and with Richard Bandler demonstrating how trance can be deepened through fractionation. There are stories, group trance and live-demonstrations inspiring each other as Richard Bandler engages a joint hypnotic experience in the room from which no one can withdraw, it is so powerful. Fascinating! Contains Adult Language a Bandler┬« product


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