SEC599 Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Implementing Kill Chain Defenses


SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Implementing Kill Chain Defenses
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This Course Will Prepare You To:

Understand how recent high-profile attacks were delivered and how they could have been stopped
Implement security controls throughout the different phases in the APT Attack Cycle to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks. We will define the following stages in the APT Attack Cycle:
Command and control
Action on objectives

Carry out a series of practical exercises:
Compromise a virtual organization to understand how attackers operate
Build your own mail sandbox solution to detect spear phishing
Develop effective group policies to stop malicious code execution
Stop 0-day exploits using exploit mitigation techniques and application whitelisting
Detect and avoid malware persistence using host-based IDS techniques
Detect and prevent lateral movement through sysmon, Windows event monitoring, and group policies
Block and detect command and control through network analysis
Leverage threat intelligence in the APT Attack cycle

Course Syllabus
SEC599.1: Knowing the Adversary, Knowing Yourself
SEC599.2: Hindering Reconnaissance and Stopping Delivery
SEC599.3: Preventing Exploitation
SEC599.4: Preventing Exploitation (continued): Avoiding Installation and Foiling Command and Control
SEC599.5: Thwarting Exfiltration, Cyber Deception, and Incident Response
SEC599.6: Advanced Persistent Threat Defender Capstone


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