SQLEditor 3.3.11 MacOSX


SQL Editor 是数据库编成工具,可以定义菜单并设计窗体来执行数据库查询、更新、删除等操作。

SQLEditor 3x | MacOSX | 60 MB

SQLEditor is a tool that allows you to create SQL databases graphically. You can create and edit table structures. You can import and export designs to a JDBC compatible database, text files or save the designs as pdf images for the web or for print. See your databases rather than just reading about them.

SQLEditor Features
– Simple intuitive editing with cocoa interface
– Object inspector to edit objects, displaying only relevant options
– Live source view, which automatically updates as you edit the design
– Supports major database systems including MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and Postgres
– Reverse engineer existing databases into a diagram
– Export diagrams to create a new database or modify an existing one
– Create foreign keys with simple drag and drop, or create more complicated foreign keys with multiple columns
– Connection highlighting shows you instantly which columns reference each other with color coding
– Import SQL from other applications by pasting, export back by copying
– Data type lists are dialect specific, only showing types you can actually use
– Supports creating and editing Ruby on Rails migration and schema files
– SQL file import allows you to import SQL text files and schema dumps
– Export diagrams in multiple formats for web or print documents
– Color code and label your objects, change label colors and all labelled objects update
– Find system allows you to search database tables for a specific object
– Object preflight to detect errors in design
– Multiple print options to allow detail or summary printing

Require: OS X 10.6.8+

Home Page– http://www.malcolmhardie.com/

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