TeamTreeHouse – Machine Learning Basics Course


TeamTreeHouse – Machine Learning Basics Course
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Machine learning encompasses many different ideas, programming languages, frameworks, and approaches to the subject, so the term “machine learning” is difficult to define in just a sentence or two. But essentially, machine learning is giving a computer the ability to write its own rules and learn about new things, on its own.
In this course, we’ll explore some of the big ideas, and toward the end, we’ll even write a little bit of code in Python that can make some intelligent predictions.

What you’ll learn

Fundamental concepts in machine learning
Supervised versus Unsupervised learning
Machine learning frameworks
Machine learning using Python and scikit-learnIntroduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning actually is not as difficult as you might believe, and its applications are far reaching. You might be surprised where machine learning could show up in your life, and how it might be useful to you both now and in the coming years.


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