TechAnim Combustion 3ds Max Integration Training


TechAnim Combustion 3ds Max Integration Training
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Introducing the only video training program for the integration of discreet’s combustion and 3ds max available on DVD [Region Free]. This training program from Technical Animations & Video will teach you how to create combustion maps within the material editor in 3ds max. You’ll also learn how to create a diffuse map, an animated bump map, an animated displace modifier and a mask to blend multiple maps within a multi-sub object material. Then learn how to render RPF files from 3ds max and import those files within combustion and apply 3d post operators and composite video with the rendered 3d scene and use the camera matching feature. You know how to use 3ds max and you know how to use combustion. Now learn how these two programs can work together to take your composites and animations to the next level.

In 3ds max using Combustion Intro\Diffuse Map – 3:00
Combustion Bump Map – 15:05
Displace Modifier – 20:41
Combustion Blend Material – 33:17
Rendering RPF files – 40:28

In Combustion using RPF files
3D Post & Selection Operators – 56:01
Composite Video in 3D Scene – 1:33:00
Camera Matching – 1:45:37


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