Udemy – Become a Swift Developer from Scratch


Udemy – Become a Swift Developer from Scratch
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SWIFT is a compilation and multi-paradigm programming language developed by Apple for software development on the iOS and Oasis platform. This language, which was introduced at the Apple Developers Conference in 2014, is designed to be a substitute for Objective-C’s Object-Oriented Programming Language. It is next to the Mac animals new operating system iOS, the programmers and developers large and small to create a different and more practical applications that have opened. The main distinction of SWIFT lies in the ability to playgrounds. The fact that programmers in the Xcode user interface allow you to view and display their code in the form of a playlist or synchronization, just like a scripting language! In addition, Swift is a simple programming language.
In the course of trainingWith Udemy Become a Swift Developer from Scratch, you will learn the key features of this powerful programming language.
Udemy Course Tutorials Become a Swift Developer from Scratch:
01 Welcome
02 Types of Constants and Variables
03 Conditions and Flow Control
04 Series
05 Loops
06 Functions
07 Optional
08 Class
09 Countdown
10 Extensions
11 Conclusions



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