Udemy – JavaScript and ES6 Challenges – Do you know JavaScript


Udemy – JavaScript and ES6 Challenges – Do you know JavaScript
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avaScript and ES6 Challenges – Do you know JavaScript?
Solve different JavaScript challenges yourself. Destructuring, hoisting, , IIFEs, closures, classes, let and much more

In this course you will get JavaScript challenges that you will need to solve.Each challenge consists of the task and solution. In some cases you will be asked to fix existing code, in some cases you will need to write some additional code. I will explain each line of the solution and you will deeply understand what happens behind the scenes.

Topics of the challenges are following:

Array helper methods
Variables hoisting
Let, Var and Const
Rest and Spread Operators
Ternary Operator
Default parameters
IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
At the beginning of the course you will get source files for all challenges. They include start and finish states for each challenge.

You need to begin with “start” folder for each challenge.

Who is the target audience?
Beginner and mid-level JavaScript software developers

Basic JavaScript knowledge
Mac or PC with any text editor, preferably Atom


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