Udemy – Procrastination – 7 Hacks to beat it


Udemy – Procrastination – 7 Hacks to beat it
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How to break the curse of Procrastination! Stop the habit! Stop Procrastination and get your life on track!Yes it is a habit. It is not bad luck, it is not poor planning. It is a habit!We will help you discover and understand the process and key skills to help you break the cycle of procrastination!

Understand the key reason(s) so many of us procrastinate!
Gain the insight and wisdom to break the cycle
Train Your Brain to defeat procrastination
STOP beating up on yourself
Key skills to stop procrastination
More skills to break the cycle of procrastination
Develop a Go Forward Plan to lower and over time eliminate your procrastination
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Meaning of Procrastinate:


delay or postpone action; put off doing something. “it won’t be this price for long, so don’t procrastinate” synonyms:”fear of failure often causes people to procrastinate”

So we all do it. How much, where and when and how often makes the difference between success and happiness and disappointment and on occasion despair!

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who procrastinates
All who have left things to the last minute
Anyone who has missed a deadline
Anyone who has failed, at school or work due to procrastination
Anyone who lives with or works with one who procrastinates
All who wish to lower their stress through less procrastination
Anyone who wants to turn a dream into a goal

Be open minded
Be open to learn why we procrastinate
Discover why a family member or cowworker procrastinates
Ready to learn skills to change
Understand it is not bad luck to procrastinate


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