Udemy – Revit Basic Mechanical HVAC Modeling


Udemy – Revit Basic Mechanical HVAC Modeling
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Autodesk Revit is a building information modeling software used by architects, civil engineers, and utilities for 3D modeling and building design. Because of its high power of creativity in engineering software, this software comes from the root of revitalization, which means life and life, and revitalize means rejuvenation and rejuvenation. The view also has the ability to manage financially and time-based production and consumption, which in its term is called the 4D BIM. This software has three versions of architecture, construction and facilities. Because of its high power of creativity in engineering software, this software has come from the root of revitalization, meaning lifesaving, and revitalizing means rejuvenating and rejuvenating power and life. The vision is capable of compiling information and modeling the building in a 4-dimensional way (financial management and time-based production and consumption costs, in addition to 3D drawing, are called “4D BIMs.”) With a tool for designing and tracking different classes in the way of life Building, from concept to building and subsequent destruction. The main rival of the software is the Tecla Stratchec and Archetych marketDesktop .
During the Udemy Revit Basic Mechanical / HVAC Modeling with Training Preliminary modeling Mechanical / HVAC learn about the sighting.
Course syllabus for training of Revit Basic Mechanical Udemy / HVAC Modeling:
– spaces and locations
– systems
– air conditioning
– Plumbing Hydronic
– planning
– Details
– documented life
– subscription
– lectures



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